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Amanda June.
18. College Frosh. Taken 92614. Adorable & you're just fucking jealous. :)

Well I mean, I was on during the Summer time because I remember I had changed my blog title (which was dumb). It was a horrid Summer. I had to do a six week Summer program for school to officially get in and it kinda sucked. Now I’ve been taking classes since September 3 (Almost a month, hoo-rah!) and I am wicked drained. I am no longer a black hair with blonde highlights anymore, I am/was a redhead (It faded quick…) I plan on redoing the color soon though! It looked awesome when I first got it done. I am currently actually supposed to be doing homework. I’m in the library waiting for a meeting I have every Wednesday from this Summer program and I randomly thought of Tumblr, so here I am. Wow, I really should be doing homework… Uh. I don’t feel like it. I have skipped three classes so far, two of the same class, one a different class. I have a new boyfriend. My last boyfriend was a fucking pussy, I swear to God he’s low-key gay. Just doesn’t wanna come out yet. He dates a bull-looking dyke now, it’s cool. I know I’m prettier :) I have the best boyfriend who does a lot for me even though we’re both having money problems right now. We get through everything and it’s us against the world and I couldn’t be any happier with it! His exs are annoying though. They keep starting bullshit drama with him, like what are you, 12? Nope, didn’t think so. They need to grow up. Oh my God it feels wonderful to be typing right now because I cannot post a single fucking thing on my Facebook without my older cousin commenting on every little thing I post. She doesn’t have a Tumblr though mwahahahah. Okay no seriously I need to go do homework. Seeee ya. :)